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40 Frame version 20 Frame Version

"Animated Text With A Sheen" Sig Tag Tutorial

This tutorial was created on April 8, 2006.  If it bears any resemblance to another tutorial on the net, it is pure coincidence.  The skills that you will learn here are your own, and I hope that you will find them useful.  In this tutorial, I will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of PSP and JASC's Animation Shop, and it is made for upper level beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.  Remember to save your work often.  You should have a better understanding of working with animation and animation effects following this tutorial.


  • You will need Paint Shop Pro, of course.  I use Version X, but it should also work in older versions.  You can download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro from Corel

  • Font of your choice.

  • This gradient or one of your own choosing.

  • Font of your choice.  I used the CK_Blockhead font but many others can be found here


Open an image 500 x 250 transparent.


Right click on your layer palette and choose New Raster Layer.  You should now have two visible raster layers.  Highlight the second raster layer.


Click on your text tool to select it and click somewhere near the center of your new blank image.  I used black as the text outline color but you can use what you wish.  Use a font size to fill your canvas.  I used 72 point, Anti Alias off, stroke 0.


Type you name in the box provided and with the text still selected, move it so that it is centered in your canvas like this:


Selections/Deselect All


Right click on your layer palette and duplicate this layer at least 20 times.  The more you frames you create the smoother the finished animation will be.  I used 40 frames for mine but that will take patience. 


Click on the "eye" on each of the new raster layers to hide these layers for now.  Leave only the bottom two visible at this time.


A- Highlight the bottom blank layer and flood fill with the Gold Gradient (or gradient of your choice) and flood fill this layer using these settings on the gradient tool:


B - Switch back to your text layer and using your magic wand and the settings below, select all the areas outside of your text but don't forget to select the insides of letters like "O's" and "A's" also.  You can hold the shift key down while selecting the insides of letters or areas not selected originally by the magic wand.



C - You should now have this with the marching ants showing around your text and inside the appropriate letters as needed.



D - Switch back to you gradient layer below the text layer and hit the delete key.  You should now have this:



E - Making sure all of your other layers are hidden and only the bottom two layers showing, right click on your palette layer and select Merge/Merge Visible and Selections/Select None.  Then hide this layer.  It should look like this:



F - Unhide the next "text layer" (click on the "eye" on that layer.  Right click on your merged hidden layer and choose New Raster Layer.  This will insert a new blank layer between the merged hidden layer you just finished and the next text layer copy you created earlier.


G - Unhide the text layer above this new layer you created.  You should now have two layers visible again, one blank and one text layer.



Ok, this is where you really have to start paying attention.  You are going to be working with pairs of two visible layers at a time from here on. Depending on the amount of layers you choose to create you will need to change the horizontal setting of the gradient box up in increments of 5 or 10 at a time.  To go 5 at a time you will need 40 layers in the end (this is what I did).  If you want to go simpler and go by increments of 10, you will need 20 layers in the end, but the process remains the same.  The key to this whole process is keeping all layers hid except the two you are working on until the end where you will unhide all of the layers.


Making sure you have your previously merged layer hidden, and the next blank and text layer visible, repeat steps A through G, with only changing the Horizontal on your gradients settings like shown below.



Once you have reached 100 on your Horizontal setting, you will need to change your Angle from 90 to 270 and start at either 5 or 10 on your horizontal (depending on whether you are doing the 20 or 40 frame version).



You then repeat the entire process again until you reach 100 on the horizontal.


Unhide all merged layers (should now be at least 20 of them) and save your image as a Animation Shop compatible file (.psp).


Open Animation Shop and open your saved image.  Make sure you have your animation shop setup to import all visible layers as individual frames.


Play your animation to make sure you like your finished animation speed and then save your finished animation using the animation wizard.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new along the way.  Thanks for visiting and doing one of my tutorials.

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©  WM8C  2001-2006.  This tutorial and the graphics on this page are copyright to WM8C, 2002 - 2006.  Please do not remove this tutorial from my site.  Feel free to share the url to this page.

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