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Winter 2000/2001 Has arrived with a fury!

59" of snow as of 12/31/2000  DCP_0104.JPG (98687 bytes) 

I have to keep the fountains running to keep oxygen to the ponds  DCP_0107.JPG (71572 bytes)

So far the fish seem to be doing fine.  I suppose if I get bored I could do some catch & release Goldfish and KOI fishing!


winterpond3.jpg (17273 bytes) We finally got a small January thaw, but it's still been tough keeping a hole open!

winterpond2.jpg (9740 bytes) The outlet is 18" above ground so we still have a lot of snow.

winterpond1.jpg (10538 bytes)  I know the upper pond is under here somewhere!

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