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Our Pond & Water Garden in the Summer of 2006

water garden pondTo me, there is nothing more beautiful than our water garden in the summer months.  Everything just seems so alive and full of color, the plants are thriving, fresh water lily flowers are popping out everyday for all to see, the fish are extremely active and love it when you show up to feed them.  You can even feed your fish by hand if you choose to do so.



If you followed my directions in the spring for opening your pond and fertilized your water lilies, they should be quite prolific by now and covering most of your pond surface about 6 foot or more in circumference for each plant you have.  This is also a good time to feed your lilies again to give them that summer boost of growth they need for flower production.  By now, with the heavier blanket of green on the pond from water lilies and frogbit, the blanket algae and other varieties should be all but gone.  I always keep many marginal plants like watercress, and other plants in the stream to act as a natural veggie filter for the pond. I also keep a bag of barley pellets in the pond near the water entry, to promote healthy natural bacteria growth needed for breaking down fish wastes.

Below are some pond pics or pictures of our pond this summer.  As you can see the fish are readily feeding when I go down with the food.


Stream base Upper Pond Bottom Pond Lilies
Feeding the Fish Amphibians  
Various pond pics

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