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Our Pond in the Spring of 2006

I have been very remiss in keeping up with pictures from my water garden in the last few years.  Fear not, I have not given up on it but haven't added anything new to the pond for a couple of years now.  The goldfish are doing well and I had to go into the cold depths of the pond to split and feed the lilies.  This is some that must be done almost every year if you want to keep getting may beautiful blooms on these plants year after year.  If you don't keep them fertilized and allow them to become too root bound the flowers aren't as plentiful and become generally smaller in size.

If I have learned anything over the years of doing this, it's not to buy too many plants.  I started with two water lilies and now have six and I have no more room!  Also, do not get tempted in the spring to buy too many water hyacinth or water lettuce plants, as they are very fruitful and multiply quickly.  I start with 3 each year, 1 in the upper pond and two

in the lower pond and by mid-July I am usually throwing them out by the wheel barrow full.  There's no reason to over spend on an annual that spreads so fast you'll never know what hit you!  These water plants do provide a couple of very useful functions though and that is too provide shade for the fish in the heat of summer, act as a living natural vegetable filter for the pond, and give the fish eggs a place to attach and the small fry to hide in so mom and dad don't eat them.  I also added some frogbit to the pond this year as floating plant matter as I just find them very attractive as I think they look like miniature water lilies.  Here are some pictures I took this evening.  The young bull frogs that over winter in the pond were out all over tonight around the pond edge and I'm guessing i'll be seeing tadpoles real soon.  Enjoy the pictures.  Use arrows to scroll and click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.


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