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Well it's been a busy Spring, late as it was.  We have redone the landscaping around the pond and increased our waterfall size.  I had to switch from a 1600 gph pump to a 4800 gph pump to accommodate the wider creek bed and two tiered waterfall.  We added a planter on the backside of the falls and increased our patio/sitting area also.  It was a lot of hard work but well worth the effort!  It gives us a nicer place to sit and relax and we can easily turn the bench around and enjoy a fire in the evening in the fire pit that directly adjacent to the sitting area.  Now it's easy to enjoy the area all day long if we desire.



The new waterfall planter The new two-tiered falls A little further down stream
ps20031_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5979 bytes) ps20033_small.jpg (150x200 -- 10513 bytes) ps20032_small.jpg (150x200 -- 12642 bytes)
The expanded sitting area Another angle The retaining wall between ponds
ps20034_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7222 bytes) ps20035_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6755 bytes) ps20036_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6334 bytes)
Looking up the run from below Under Re-construction Another angle up the run
ps20037_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6760 bytes)ps20039_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6708 bytes)ps20038_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7078 bytes)

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