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Our Pond Fall 2002

It's fall again and time to make the final preparations for Winter.  Cleaned all the filters, pumps, and extra debris that the trees dropped in the pond back out.  We lost almost 50 fish this summer to something.  We never could discover what the problem was and they just kept dying one or two a day.  Most of these fish we've had for almost 3 years but they're all gone except for 3 goldfish that survived for some reason.  If anyone has seen this before and has an idea what may have caused this, I'd love to here from you.  Anyway, here are some pictures I took today while cleaning up and prepping for winter.  Strangely enough, as I was cleaning out debris I found tadpoles still in the pond.  Don't the frogs know it's time to quit?


The quietness of the waning Summer, the browning of the foliage, are all signs that summers excitement is past and time for nature to rest.
pondfall20021_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7731 bytes) pondfall20025_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7114 bytes) pondfall20023_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7445 bytes)
I guess it's time for the Mill to shutdown operations for the Winter too! The trumpet vine is ready to sleep for the winter My favorite color of the year!
pondfall20024_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7066 bytes)  pondfall20026_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6310 bytes)


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