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Plastic Injection Molding Process IS/IS NOT Matrix | Create an IS/IS NOT Matrix


Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process - One tool that is always sought after by the newer process technicians in the injection molding industry is the good old fashioned "injection molding process troubleshooting" matrix or what is also known as a process IS/IS NOT matrix.  The purpose of this matrix is to give you a starting point, especially when you are new and learning the ins and outs of injection molding process troubleshooting.


These should not be mis-construed as the answer to all your problems because in many cases your particular problem will require that you do a much more in-depth problem search and resolution than one of these lists will provide, but again, for the brand new process technician or engineer it can shorten the process of troubleshooting injection molding problems but eliminating some of the more obvious items that could not be.  Hence the term IS/IS NOT.  This matrix will help you define what your problem "IS" or "could be" and what your injection molding problem "IS NOT" or "probably won't be" when deciding what to do to solve your problem.


An example of this could be like in this example.  If you have an injection molding process problem with "flash", you can quickly eliminate some possibilities like nozzle alignment, nozzle heat, ejector speed, and end-of-arm-tooling as a likely cause of your problem  That's where this matrix can be of help for the new guy on the block. It can save you time chasing things that won't likely have caused your injection molding defect.


You are free to download this matrix and use it for your own personal use.  This matrix is not to be sold, distributed, or used in any other way except for your own personal use.  I hope that this matrix may help you in some way to define your injection molding problem down to a smaller window of likely suspects when trying to solve the issue at hand.


The CSV version does not carry the original format of the Excel sheet but is still usable.


Download Excel 97-03   Download CSV


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Written by: WM8C, September 16th, 2006.  Not for use without written permission



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