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Digital Photography Basics.  A Short Primer.

I am an amateur photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I love doing it none the less.  By amateur photographer, I mean that I do not have a digital photography degree or an online photography degree.  This doesn't mean I don't know how to take pictures or use my camara.  I have a digital SLR which is a Sony F707 and it takes great pictures.  It's not a fancy as the newer DSLR' cameras but it is no slouch either.  It retailed aroubnd $1000 when new and there are lots of accessories you can get for it.  It is a 5MP camera and takes great shots both close up and far away.  I will add to this section as I go along and take more photo's I think might be of interest to viewers.

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A few things you will need if you are a digital photographer is a good photo library program like Picasa from Google (free) or many of the other versions out there for varying prices.  It's so easy to shoot hundreds of pictures when you go digital because there are no developing fees to deal with.  You will also need a good photo printer which are getting very inexpensive these days.  I have a 6 color and a 4 color printer depending on the photo quality and size of pictures I need to print.  I would also suggest at least 2 or 3 good size memory cards for your camera , as they fill up fast and you don't want to miss that all important shot!  They have become quite inexpensive also over the past few years.  You will also want a good photo editing program.  I prefer to use Corel Paint Shop Pro for my work but of course Photoshop does an excellent job also.  There are also many less expensive programs and even Google's Picasa has some built in editing tools to handle the simple tasks and it's free! 

If you are more serious about digital or regular photography, there are many online photography degrees available for photography basics if you know where to find them.  Becoming a professional digital photographer can have many rewarding features and you could even start a whole new career if you so desired.  The skies the limit when it comes to photography and i mean that in the literal sense.  Pictures can be taken of anything and turned into works of art if you so desire.  Many magazines will pay good money for photographs if you are good enough or lucky enough to capture something they need or want.

I choose to do it simply because I enjoy it and i think if I ever took it too seriously I would get the same enjoyment from it but that's just me. Below are the shots I took recently.  I hope you enjoy them.



written by: WM8C, May 1st, 2006  Not for use without permission.

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