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Painting with Tubes Tutorial

This tutorial was created on February 21, 2004.  If it bears any resemblance to another tutorial on the net, it is pure coincidence.  The skills that you will learn here are your own, and I hope that you will find them useful.  In this tutorial, I will assume that you have a basic working knowledge of PSP, and it is made for upper level beginners with plug-in experience or intermediate skill levels.  


  • You will need Paint Shop Pro, of course.  I use Version 8.10, but I am sure it will work in other versions as well.  You can download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro from JASC.  

  • You can use your own tubes or use these.  I don't know where I got all of these tubes so if anyone knows please let me know so I can give the proper credit for them.  Some of them came with PSP or are available at their site for download.

  • You will also need Flaming Pears Flood Filter which is a demo plug-in that you can use with your graphics program.

  • We will be working with many individual layers for easy manipulation and placement of our tubes.

  • Remember to save your work often.



Open a new image 400 x 400 pixels.  Create a new raster layer.


If you are using the tubes I provided, either put them into your tube directory or open them all and minimize at the bottom of the screen for later use.


Select your "green" grass tube and place somewhere near the center of your screen.  Scale 100%.


Next select your "brown" grass tube and place just below your green grass like below.

paint1.jpg (410x427 -- 74648 bytes)

Create a new raster layer and select the coon tube and place on the grass somewhere.  Move him to a position where the bobber is near the bottom edge of the grass.


Switch back to the grass layer and select your eraser tool with these settings:

paint2.jpg (521x44 -- 24675 bytes)


Erase some of the area beneath the raccoon to soften the edge of the grass and make a place for the water to be under the bobber like below.  Doesn't have to be exact, use your imagination.

paint3.jpg (406x427 -- 80475 bytes)


On your raccoon layer apply the Flood plug-in with these settings:

paint4.jpg (350x353 -- 91266 bytes)


You should now have something like this:

paint5.jpg (408x314 -- 107787 bytes)


On your Raster 1 layer, select your bucket fill tool.  Choose a light blue color for your water area.  I used #5993AB. 


Select an area through the grass and all the way to the bottom with your selection tool.

paint6.jpg (412x280 -- 105285 bytes)


Flood the selected area with this color.  Selections/Select None.


Now, using your smudge tool paint7.jpg (36x22 -- 2353 bytes), change to your Raster 2 layer and blend the area a bit between the water and the grass to make it more natural looking.

paint11.jpg (521x48 -- 24974 bytes)


Switch back to your Raster 1 Layer and select the area you didn't the first time.  This will be your sky area.

paint8.jpg (408x427 -- 111030 bytes)


Choose a light blue/gray color.  I used #D3E3E7, and flood fill your selected area with this color.  Selections/Select None.


Create a new Raster layer.  Select your cloud tube.  Scale 100%


Add some clouds where ever you would like them.  *optional step*:  If you want to be real fussy with your cloud placement, you can put each cloud on it's own layer.  Arrange them as you want, hide all your layers except for the clouds, Merge, Merge Visible, and then unhide your other layers again.  Moved your merged cloud layer down to just above the bottom layer if you used the optional step.


paint9.jpg (405x426 -- 109919 bytes)


You can stop here if you like or add a few more things to the picture as you desire.


I went back to the Raster 2 layer and using my clone tool, I added some more grass above the existing top edge and then using the smudge tool, tried to blend this out a bit to give it some depth.  Use the smudge tool settings from the earlier step with this tool.  I ended up with what you see below.


paint10.jpg (406x426 -- 110303 bytes)


Add a new raster layer.  Move this layer just above your bottom layer. 


Now we are going to add some Mountains.  Using the Mountain tube, I place one along the left hand side.  Use your mover tool to place where you want it to be.


I then selected the this Mountain with the magic wand.  Selections/Invert.  Edit/Copy/Edit/Paste As New Selection.


Image/Mirror.  Place the second mountain range where you want this image to be.  Selections/Select None.


Once again, use your smudge tool and blend the bottom edge of your mountains to blend with the grassy area.  You will now have something like this:

paint12.jpg (406x425 -- 123723 bytes)


You can go on if you like but I think you get the idea.  Have fun and be creative!


When you are finished merge your layers and save as a .jpg or format of your choice.


Have fun!


My Daughter Tabetha's rendition...thanks for sending me this :)

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