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Metal Detectors - Treasure Hunting - Find Your Fortune!


bounty hunter quick silverI recently became interested in hand held metal detecting as a hobby, and I now am the proud owner of a Quick Silver Metal Detector made by Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors.  I purchased mine from Edmund Scientifics.  I plan to add this to my regimen of outdoor activities during the off seasons when I can't be doing the other outdoor activities that I like to do.


The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Combines some of the best digital hand held metal detectors features available with a truly affordable price. It features 8" open face interchangeable waterproof search coil, 4-segment digital targeting identification.  The push-button discrimination of the Quick Silver also allows you to selectively eliminate certain ranges of metals, has one touch depth control, and 3-tone audio target identification.  The easy view LCD display, touch pad control panel and comfort handgrip all come together to make your "hunting" experience even more enjoyable.  You can find More Metal Detectors here.


I spent a little while just walking around my own back yard and I found treasure!  Well not the kind you'll get rich from but it was fun to locate with the metal detector none the less! 

Sweeping the area digging for treasure We've struck "Zinc" me matey! The prize!

It was probably a penny lost when we were building the home 12 years ago now or one that maybe fell out of my pocket during one of my many lawn mowing expeditions.  You can imagine the fun you might have with a metal detector at your local beach or other area where people more often frequent.  How many times have you gotten home from a day at the beach or in the woods, only to realize you lost something valuable?  Well if that something valuable is made of metal, "finders keepers" as they say!  You might find money, rings, and a whole host of other valuables by just using your metal detector on walks which are good exercise.  Give metal detecting a try.  You might find a new enjoyable hobby. 


Are you into other types of "scientific endeavors"?  Well Edmund Scientific has lots of different things to peak you interest into a new hobby or experiment.  A few things I found to be of great interest were the Magellan Explorist 200 GPS Unit or the Magellan Meridian Gold GPS unit as I am an avid hunter and can easily get lost in the woods.  Global positioning units are are very common today and can be of

assistance when you are lost or out on the water and need to know where home is.  With one of these babies, getting lost is never an option!  Also as an avid hunter, the Bushnell Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder would be the perfect thing for someone like me, or even as a gift for the favorite hunter in your family.  I've had a few missed shots because I misjudged the distance to my target and this unit would have solved that issue on the spot.  Check out these and more at Edmund Scientific.  Lots of cool stuff to see.


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Written by: WM8C, September 17th, 2006.  Not for use without written permission




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