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Custom Embroidery Machine and Designs

Embroidery Machine Graphic (214x138 -- 65695 bytes)

Machine embroidery has become immensely popular in recent years.  An Embroidery machine designed for home use, have become more affordable and are capable of some very fantastic work.  Common machine makes are Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, Brother, Baby Lock, and others.  The commercial embroidery machines are more expensive and not always practical because of their cost, but if you are planning a small business venture then the commercial machines would be the way to go.  There are a number of commercial machines available from single head units to multiple head units for large quantity jobs. 

My wife uses the Designer One Plus (designer I plus) by Husqvarna Viking and Auto Digitizing software for her design work. Husqvarna Viking also supplies various design packages for use with their machines to perform digitizing tasks, design organization, alphabet creation, and many other things.  We also recently purchased a commercial style Brother PR-600II 6 needle embroidery machine in order to better service our customers and are using Generations software for digitizing work.  Embird is another home design package that is very popular and powerful for digitizing work for the machine embroiderer.  In the "old days" embroidery was done primarily by hand.  Now days it's easier than ever if you own a good quality embroidery machine and use good quality machine embroidery threads and fabrics or garments.

My wife uses her Designer I machine for quilting and standard sewing, as well as her embroidery work and has made over 30 quilts in the last three years for almost every special occasion that has come along for the family and friends.  She has made many embroidered or monogrammed shirts & hats for Christmas for the family and everyone always loves getting a personalized gift like this for the holidays or other special occasions.  Below you will find some examples of her work in both machine embroidery and quilting.  I will be adding some free machine embroidery pattern downloads real soon so check back often.  We also will be adding a quote page for custom machine embroidery work.




A small sampling of quilt designs

DSC02139%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x200 -- 6681 bytes)

quilts%208-1-04%20008%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x200 -- 13045 bytes)

DSC02143%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x200 -- 13970 bytes)

Ava%27s%20quilt%2001-31-05%20001%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x200 -- 9253 bytes)

Quilts can run from $75 to $200 or more depending on size and complexity.

DSC02149%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 4124 bytes)

DSC02614%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 7345 bytes)

Ava%27s%20Quilt%2010-30-2004%20001%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7836 bytes)

quilts%208-15-04%20001%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 7078 bytes)

Envelope quilt      
envalope%20quilt%20001%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5534 bytes) nathans%20quilt%20009%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5987 bytes) DSC02715%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 7125 bytes) DSC01661%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 6463 bytes)
A few samples of embroidery projects
Custom embroidered small child hooded bath towels make a great gift $25 - 35.
DSC02157%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x200 -- 6276 bytes) DSC02156%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x200 -- 7751 bytes) DSC02155%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x200 -- 6885 bytes) quilt%20stuff%20004%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 3581 bytes)
Two custom logo projects - $12 - $18 typical 3D embroidery Custom work
lacksproject%20013%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 3436 bytes) lacksproject%20003%20(Small)_small.jpg (150x112 -- 3736 bytes) DSC01972%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 4606 bytes) DSC01967%20(Small)_small.JPG (150x112 -- 5709 bytes)
We can also do custom embroidered hats with monogramming, text, or logos. - $14 - $16. (extra costs apply for digitizing logos)
hats3_small.JPG (150x112 -- 3925 bytes) hats2_small.JPG (150x112 -- 3841 bytes) hats_small.JPG (150x112 -- 3720 bytes) We also do Call Sign Hats & T-Shirts for ham radio.  Go here for these!

Hats     T-Shirts

embroidered bomb embroidered grenade embroidered elephant

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If you are interested in quilts or custom embroidery, we do custom embroidery digitizing to your specifications, monogramming work, and much more.  We will be adding a quote sheet to this section very soon but in the mean time if you are interested in receiving pricing for a project you have, just email Astrid for a custom quote for all of your needs.  We have access to Hats, both normal and low profile, T-Shirts, Polo style shirts, button up shirts, and coats in various styles and colors.  Just provide us with type of garment, color, & size you are looking for.  If you have questions, contact us by email at astridsembroidery@wm8c.com for more information.  If you are looking for us to digitize your design, we will need a picture or description of what your needs are, and further conversation will be had upon your inquiry as to what your and our requirements are in order to provide you with your quote.  We also have 100's of stock designs for you to choose from and will be putting a catalog together very soon.

Give us a try!

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