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The WM8C's "I Quit Smoking" Award Program


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Award Treasure Chest

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I was looking at a keyword search tool that I use today and I noticed a rather different and even a bit strange of a search phrase entered and it was "quit smoking award" and "awards for quitting smoking".  Now this might seem like nothing to a lot of people, but to someone like me who already runs a website award program and an ex-smoker, it made perfect sense!


This will be an award for ex-smokers who are now non-smokers!  The only requirement to qualify for this award and yes it's on the honor system, is that you are an ex-smoker of at least one full year.  I will customize this award for you to place on your website based on your quit date and years as a non-smoker.  The award will have your first name or website name (your choice) and your I quit smoking date.  You will be listed on this page with a link back to your site or blog, and all I request is that you provide a link back to this page in return.  If you do not have a website, you may still apply for this award.


So if you are an ex-smoker and would like to apply for this award, please use the email form below to apply.


If the form is not working, please the same information listed below in and email to WM8C

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Gold - 10 Years or More Silver - 6 Years or More Bronze - 1 Year or More
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I Quit Smoking Award

"I Quit Smoking Award" WINNERS

Non Smoker For 1 - 5 Years Non Smoker For 6 - 10 Years Non Smoker For 10 Years or more




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