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Let's Go Hunting!

This page contains some graphics that person's not in agreement with Hunting may not find suitable for their viewing.

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My First Buck With a Bow - not Pope & Young but I was proud none the less! Preserve Americas Right To Hunt and Bare Arms! My Favorite Hunting Buddies (My sons many years back now)

As an Archery Deer Hunter in Michigan and being restricted to Public Hunting lands I have had some interesting

 experiences trying to find a place to hunt and maintain some type of consistency to what I do.  I have managed to hunt the same basic 10 acre piece of State land for the last 8 years and have been successful 5 of them.  It's takes a lot of work to scout and learn what the deer are doing when you're constantly invaded by fellow hunters which change the deer's habits on  a regular basis.  It takes lots of patience and being in the woods EVERY DAY POSSIBLE in order to be successful.  I would hope to someday have a piece of private property to hunt but in the mean time, I'm still having fun in the out doors.

Archery hunting season 2000!

My Son Joshua got an 8 point opening day! October 1st 2000

jodeer1.jpg (108924 bytes)jodeer2.jpg (90306 bytes)jodeer3.jpg (57130 bytes)
The Proud Hunter and his eight point Michigan State Land BuckHanging the Deer

Well, it's November 4th and we both have put a deer in the freezer.  Unfortunately for me, mine didn't have antlers but then again I'm a meat hunter and you can't eat the antlers.  Still about 10 hunting days left before the Gun season opens, so maybe I can score that big buck yet.  I saw him tonight but he was more interested in the doe he was chasing than my grunt calls.

Archery hunting season 2001!

My Son Joshua got lucky again.  A nice size spike on Oct. 15th.  I want my stand back!  Just Kidding, I think it's great!

jodeerhang.jpg (26917 bytes)deerhead.jpg (42909 bytes)deerhang2.jpg (15162 bytes)
The Proud Hunter and his Spike horn Michigan State Land Buck - only ran 45 yards after a perfect double lung hit.

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