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Free Machine Embroidery Design Downloads

From time to time we will be offering free digitized embroidery designs for you to download so check back often to see what the latest designs being offered are.

These machine embroidery designs are free for your own private use but they are not intended for commercial use or purposes. 


 If you own a website we would always appreciate a link to our site and if you or your friends have embroidery or quilting needs, please check with us for a quote on our most recent competitive pricing on custom machine embroidery or monogramming work.  We use only high quality machine embroidery threads for our embroidery work, and only 100% all cotton fabrics for our quilts.  Please contact Astrid for a custom quote for all of your needs and questions.  We can provide a free quote on most items in 2 business days.  We also have volume discounts. 


View our online photo gallery of some of the projects we have done for other customers!


Your design or ours, we can meet your custom machine embroidery needs.  Please enjoy the free designs below as our gift and check back often new designs.  We will be adding a quote sheet to this section very soon but in the mean time if you are interested in receiving pricing for a project you have, just email Astrid for a custom quote for all of your needs.  We have access to Hats, both normal and low profile, T-Shirts, Polo style shirts, button up shirts, and coats in various styles and colors.  Just provide us with type of garment, color, & size you are looking for.  If you have questions, contact us by email at astridsembroidery@wm8c.com for more information.


If you are looking for us to digitize your design, we will need a picture or description of what your needs are, and further conversation will be had upon your inquiry as to what your and our requirements are in order to provide you with your quote.  We also have 100's of stock designs for you to choose from and will be putting a catalog together very soon.

Give us a try!  We Accept PayPal! Official PayPal Seal


Free designs
daisy_small.jpg (150x135 -- 6412 bytes) cupflower_small.jpg (142x151 -- 7431 bytes) cartoontulip_small.jpg (131x156 -- 8548 bytes) Click on the picture to see larger 3D stitched version. Most popular formats in zip file (PES, HUS, PCS, DST, EXP, PEC)
Download Download Download  
gingerbreadman2_small.jpg (135x164 -- 7661 bytes) gingerbreadman1_small.jpg (141x165 -- 7989 bytes) helmet_small.jpg (143x163 -- 8029 bytes) sandle_small.jpg (183x123 -- 5080 bytes)
Download Download Download Download
belt_small.jpg (153x109 -- 3763 bytes) pinwheelyellow_small.jpg (142x158 -- 5875 bytes) scarecrow_small.jpg (93x158 -- 8497 bytes) Get 5 Free designs!  Download this PDF file and follow the instructions to get your 5 free designs.

Download Download Download  

All designs are copyright of WM8c and may not be sold or reproduced in any way except for you own personal use.  They may not be provided on another website but a link back here is desirable.

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