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DIY (do it yourself) Chicken Coop - Where To Start?

So you want to be a chicken farmer?  This is the question that I had to ask myself when my wife mentioned this past spring that she thought that raising chickens (in our case laying hens) would be "cute" for the grandchildren to experience.  Now having grown up with a family that believed in a small amount of self subsistence I was no stranger to raising chickens and laying hens, but I canít say I had a lot of fond memories about it or remembered anything ďcuteĒ about it.  However, having been married to her more than 30 years now, I knew we were going to become ďchicken farmersĒ none the less.

So where to start?  I have built a number of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects in the past (enclosed trailer, water gardens, etc.) so I am no stranger to these types of projects but I have to admit, I have never attempted nor did I have the knowledge to know where to start with building a chicken coop.  Iím guessing my next step is what brought you here to this page.  Research!  Isnít the internet a beautiful thing when it comes to learning about something we donít already know or understand as well as place where I can share what Iíve learned during my own process and now share with you here as well.

I would suggest that you donít take the route we did.  We bought our chickens first and then tried to figure out what we needed to do to take care of them.  Iím hoping at this point you have not yet purchased your chickens so you have time to really decide what it is you need to build.  In our case, I had purchased 8 Golden Comet Pullets (my wife bought 4 more a week later for a total of 12) because they were one of two breeds that was available at our local Tractor Supply store, and they seemed to be a better choice to me than the other breed they had but nothing more.  I have since learned that as layers, they actually have been a very good choice for us.  Ok enough about chickens and on to chicken coops.





ďHereís How To Keep Happy, Healthy, Egg Laying Chickens In Your Own Backyard or On The FarmÖ


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Written by: WM8C, November 8th, 2006.  Not for use without written permission



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