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DIY Chicken Coop Construction Part 7 - Finishing The Front and Rear Walls

Now that we have our roof in place we went about finishing the front and back of our chicken coop and worked on getting the main panels installed.  This is a view of the back with the back wall in place.


A view of the front wall of our chicken coop with the right side panel cut and installed around half of the door opening.  You can also see the opening of the chicken ramp entry opening.



This the view of the front of the chicken coop with the other half of the front panel installed and the chicken entry way opening cut out.




We now have the chick coop stairs built and installed.  We used some left over plastic decking boards from another deck construction project to build the steps themselves.  They should hold up to many years of wear and tear this way.  Standard construction techniques were used to figure out the step configuration.

Here we are beginning to cut all of the framing pieces for the various remaining features such as the door to the chicken entry door opening and the rear accessible nest box openings.


“Here’s How To Keep Happy, Healthy, Egg Laying Chickens In Your Own Backyard or On The Farm…


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Written by: WM8C, November 8th, 2006.  Not for use without written permission



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