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I have enjoyed surfing the web and finding neat sites to visit.  Along the way, I have stumbled across a few sites that give awards for various things.  I decided to provide one of my own.  The Award criteria is as follows:

  •  Navigation should be straight forward and simple to follow, no long one page sites

  •  Design does not have to be "flashy", but should be unique and neatly laid out

  •  Content should center on Ham Radio but other content is also desirable

  •  Most of all, the site should be interesting, useful, and fun for your visitors

  •  The site must be "family friendly".  No adult (pornographic or  nudity of any kind), racist, or abusive sites will not be considered.  I'm a prude, so don't offend me in any way or I'll leave.

  •  There are 3 potential levels for this award - Gold, Silver, & Bronze.  If you don't win the highest level the first time around, make some changes and submit again later.  Note the improvements you have made since your previous submittal.  Please allow 90 days for re-submittals.

  • Scoring:
    Minimum score to qualify = 50 points
    50 - 70 Bronze Award
    71 - 90 Silver Award
    91 - 100 Gold Award

  • Professionalism (consistency of theme throughout site and general layout)  = 10pts

  • Navigation (ease of navigation and lack of need to use "back" button in
    browser) = 20 pts

  • Page load time (less than 60 secs. at 56K) =  10 pts

  • General design (uniqueness of site - overall look and feel) = 30 pts

  • Content (interest to the general public, not just a bunch of links to somewhere else.  I want to learn something interesting while I'm there, preferably created by you) = 15 pts

  • Does the site have information centering on or information about Ham Radio = 15pts

  • English or Dutch sites only please, or the ability to switch to English.  Sorry but that's the only two languages I speak.

Please allow up to 2 - 4 weeks for your site to be reviewed.  I will visit each site that is submitted for review.  If you are interested in applying for the award please send me an email with your full site URL, name, email address, award choice, and a brief description of your site, or just fill in the form below.  You will be notified within 2 - 4 weeks if your site qualifies for the award, and sent the URL for the location to download your award.  Thanks and good luck!  If you have not heard from me within 2 - 4 weeks you can safely assume your site didn't qualify.  All decisions are final!

In the which award are you applying for box, only use the description of Christian, or Ham Radio.  The scoring will determine the level of award you qualify for.

What is your name?

Which Award are you applying for?

E-mail address?

Web site URL

Brief Description of site (75 letters max.)

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New graphics for 2004.  If you are a previous winner of this award and would like the new award graphic please send me an email with the call sign you would like on the plaque.


vu2sdu dot qsl.net Southern Illinois DX Association

G's World

Radio Scanner UK Radio-Electronics dot com

KC0DMH's Shack

K5KOY's Ham PagesMom and Pops Software Dakare
K8CU's Real Ham Radio


N9OEW's Amateur Radio Site

G1LVN Internet gateway

G1LVN Internet Voice Gateway

ARA of Southwest Florida



Dave's Awesome World of Ham Radio

UK Amateur Radio Training Project


Murry State University Amateur Radio Club


British Amateur Radio Information Network






Cameradio (upgraded to Silver 10/06)


Radio Mania

Llanelli Radio Club


Flagler Palm Coast Amateur Radio Club

Extreme Amateur Radio Net

Ragchewers Net

W5BJR Green County ARC




Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net Website








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