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Writing and Submitting Ezine Articles | Ezine Article Submission

I was recently invited to participate in an interview with Christopher Knight of EzineArticles.com fame and he did a bang up job answering the questions I had regarding submitting articles that I've written to the them.  I had a number of questions on the pros and cons on writing and submitting my own articles to these sources for many reasons and after reading Christopher's responses, I am now much more relaxed and and also "in the know" about submitting articles to the free Ezine sources, both pro and con.  Here's the interview.


christopher knightTodd Strait Interviews Chris Knight on Article Writing & Marketing (Ham Radio Perspective)



#1 - I write my own content for my site and I am concerned about posting these on article sites for fear of duplicate content penalties on my own site as the article propagates out on the web?  Should I be?


It’s hard to give you a definitive answer on this. Everyone wants a black and white answer from me on this one and I usually answer with this thought:


You have a much bigger threat looming than the duplicate content penalty that is often thrown around in different circles… and that threat is what happens to your business if you don’t have enough traffic to pay the bills and make the business go?


If you want the traffic, there are ways you can mitigate your risks: Only produce original content… perhaps syndicating original content that you don’t host on your own website. You could also decide to only syndicate a small percentage of your total content, such as 10-25% instead of all of it.



#2 - I'm not a professional writer.  Why would people be interested in what I write?


The greater majority of our 30,000+ experts are not professional writers. People are less interested in your ability to be a professional writer and they are much more interested in learning from you.


This article writing and syndication, or marketing strategy, is about sharing a sliver of your expertise with others.  In doing so, you have ‘given first’ and began the reciprocity cycle in your favor.



#3 - How can I be sure that my original copyrights will be maintained with my document once I place them on an article site for use?


You always maintain copyright on any original works that you have the exclusive rights to, but whether you enforce those copyrights is up to you.


At some point in your article writing life, even if you don’t syndicate your content, you will have your article content stolen. It happens to everyone that becomes popular enough.


The good news is that there are no high-traffic sites that survive long enough to become credible by stealing content. It’s a bad business model and bad for business…not to mention expensive in terms of legal fees. Therefore you have to determine how much effort you want to invest in protecting your copyrights.


Best way to ensure you never get any of your content stolen is to cancel your Internet account, shut down your website and email accounts and never do anything online again. I know this is absurd, but it’s true that this is the only way to 100% guarantee that no one will lift your article content without giving you name credit.


Bottom line is that the positive benefits of article marketing far outweigh the negative risks of a few percentages of unscrupulous thieves who won’t have a long shelf-life online anyway.



#4 - Should I keep my newer articles for use on my own site and recycle my older articles into the article site world?


Yes. It’s in your best interest to do that.


It’s in our best interest that you submit your newest articles to us first. You’ll have to determine which strategy brings you more qualified visitors and traffic to your website.



#5 - Should I write articles for use on an article site that are related to the same general topic or should I submit articles on various topics?


I’d recommend writing about your core area of expertise only under your author name. If you want to write about non-related topics, change your author name slightly or use a pen-name for the other topics. The idea here is to not have bleed over from one topic of expertise to another topic as expertise bleed over is a credibility destroyer.


For example: If your expertise in life is Ham radio and then you write articles about Acne prevention… a reader is left wondering if you are a jack of all trades and master of none or which topic are you really an expert on?


For example, if “Todd Straight” wrote articles on ham radio, “T. Strait” could write articles on a different topic and “Todd S.” could write articles on another topic. This would prevent each author name to bleed over to the other and

would also aid you in tracking your article distribution by author name.


Lastly, on this topic, one resource box mistake that some newbies still make is that they will put 3 different website URL’s in their resource box that are all unrelated. This is also a credibility killer. Best to only put a resource box URL that reinforces your area of expertise. Hope that makes sense.

Continued on next page...

Article Sumissions II ]


WM8C, September 22th, 2006.  Not for use without written permission





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