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All about my hobbies and interests:  Amateur or Ham Radio, Water Gardening, Motorcycling, Hunting, DIY Projects, PSP Tutorials, Photography, Internet Marketing, and much more...stay and be inspired!  Your window to the world!

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Welcome to my site.  I hope you will enjoy your visit.  There's lot's to see here and if you have your own site you could even apply for and win an award.  Please come back often!  My aim is to provide a bit of insight into my life and interests or hobbies, such as water gardening, motorcycling, ham radio, graphics, and hunting, and hopefully give you a place to learn something new, inspire you with words, or just plain have a nice time perusing the photos and pages I've amassed here.  If it's not here you might find a link to something else you are looking for.  Enjoy your stay and please put a pin on the Guest map and sign the Guest Book before you leave!  I have added some free nature backgrounds for you to download in the hobbies section of this site. You can check out my personal weight loss blog here too. 






God gives His gifts where He finds the Vessels empty enough to Receive them.  CS Lewis


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Please remember to pray for our leaders and our troops daily!  Adopt a blinkie and link it back here so others can too!




Do you like to write?  Do you have something relating to a topic on this website such as ham radio, water gardening, motorcycling or...other? Do you have an inspirational or other important ideas and thoughts you want to share?  If you do and you would like me to publish it here, please submit your ezine article and if I feel it is useful to our common audience of visitors I will provide a page for your ezine article or information to be published.  I am looking for good ezine articles to add to this site.  This is not for compensation but you retain your copyrights to the article and you can link back to your website from the page.  If you have something to share and need a place to share it with a link back to a site of your own or other, just send me an email with your ezine article to WM8C for consideration.


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Be sure to check out the link directory - 1300 links and growing but only for specific interests from my hobbies listed here on this site such as, ham radio, water gardening, motorcycling, web tools or graphics, and a few more.  You can also visit my weight loss blog too. 

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